Pet Bug Out Bag



You may have pets like a dog or cat that you plan on taking with you when you Bug Out during SHTF…hate to say it, but reptiles, fish, small mammals (like hamster/gerbils, rats), are NOT going to do well in a SHTF scenario and you WILL have to leave them behind if you are travelling on foot.  Your dog or cat is a different story, they are able to walk and can be useful to alerting you to approaching strangers. (Some cats have been trained to walk on leashes, but you could easily carry them).

Some of the things you need to put in a Bug Out Bag for your pet are:

MINIMUM 5 days of medication that your dog takes. More is better as you may not be able to access a vet for a few weeks if you are relocating.

Medical Records (vet records, microchip papers, list of medicines, allergies, proof of rabies vaccine)

First aid kit (if you don’t already have one)

Book on First Aid for Dogs (there are many options available, including a For Dummies version on Kindle)

6lbs of dry dog food (Toy breeds or cats); 10-15 lbs of dry dog food (Small breeds)  They sell freeze-dry dog and cat food online as well.

12 cans of wet dog/cat food (one time use, like 5.5oz cans, so you don’t have to store them for later)

4 liters of water (cats/dogs need approximately 1 oz of water per pound of weight, per day; if your cat/dog weights 15 lbs, he/she needs about half a liter per day, more on hot days)  You can get the small mylar water pouches online that stack neatly.

2 small bowls (smaller bowls means you have more control how much they eat and drink, and how much you can afford to have accidentally spilled)

Hair brush (for longer haired breeds)

Calming spray for dogs; brands include NaturVet “Quiet Moments”, Doctors Foster and Smith “Comfort Zone”, NutriVet “Pet-Ease”, and Earth Heart “Canine Calm”.

Blanket (best to have replica of your dog’s favorite, if possible)

Dog/cat waste bags or bag of scented garbage bin liners, absorbent paper towels (in case of an accident); newspapers to put down (if necessary)

Quart size zip lock bag (to store waste bags and paper towels until they can be disposed)

Bag of dog/cat treat or dog bones

Toys (best to have replicas of your dog’s or cat’s favorite toys)

Muzzle (to prevent barking, biting)

Extra collar with tags, Dog Harness (the extra-small harnesses work on cats too)

Superglue – to seal up small cuts in a pinch

Extra flea and tick medicines

Extra heart worm/tape worm medication

Items for your female dog, if she goes into heat during bugout (if you dog is not spayed)

Prescription sedatives from your veterinarian (such as Acepromazine – reduces anxiety)

Of course you may think of other items you wish to have for your pet, be sure to put them in your Bug Out Bag. Or if you have a larger breed dog, you can buy a vest for the dog that will hold pouches, so your dog can carry his/her own bug out bag! Find them on Amazon under the name Ruff Wear Approach bag.