The Vaccine War



Before you have a conniption fit (“someone is wrong on the internet!”) that I even dare mention Vaccines and getting yourself or children vaccinated or not vaccinated, please let me explain my position first and then make my post without the backlash of internet trolls seething red-hot hatred in my direction. This is not my normal post. I usually post on what are considered “prepper” subjects like canning jams and green beans, or purifying and filtering your stored water for an emergency situation. Don’t disregard me just yet, because I say I am a Prepper. I’m not prepping for the zombie apocalypse or for nuclear annihilation.  I’ve been through enough hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes to know having a stocked pantry is a smart idea. But the media hysteria over vaccinations has inspired me to tell my story.  Also, I am not a physician or medical doctor. I am not giving medical advice. I am merely giving my opinion, my research, and my experiences so that others may learn from my life.  I am a medical research scientist with a degree in Biomedical Science; minors in Chemistry and Psychology. I’m not going to talk to you with medical terminology that requires a dictionary to decipher. I’m not a stuck-up medical know-it-all. I’m a normal person, wife, and mother, just like the majority of people out there. So I will talk to you the way I talk to everyone. I will note that I am not a paid author and have no agreements with anyone or any entity or business/company.  THIS IS PROBABLY THE LONGEST POST I HAVE EVER WRITTEN, SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME AND READ THE ENTIRE POST.  ALSO- PLEASE SHARE IT!

I am writing this to get my story out there for others to read. I also have retired from the medical industry and I do not write or post on medical community sites or blogs. I do not receive compensation or any other perks for writing this article.  I now run our family business and I teach Prepper and Survival Classes as well, which is why I chose to post my story on a survival & prepper blog. I choose to remain anonymous to protect my family, especially my child from the over-reaching hand of government and CPS.


 First, my background.  I used to work as a pharmaceutical research scientist for many years. I am still legally bound even to this day to not reveal the name of the companies I worked for, so please don’t ask. It’s called a Non-Disclosure Agreement and I don’t feel like getting sued.          I wore the white lab coat, the safety goggles, the two-layers of rubber gloves while I hovered over laboratory beakers, test-tubes, and operated hundreds thousands of dollars worth of medical laboratory equipment. I wore the tyvex chem suits with protective boots, 3-layers of gloves, sleeves, ankles and neck-line all duct-taped shut with a hooded respirator while I administered pathogens to animals to make them ill so that we could test a new medication or vaccine. I drew blood hundreds of times a day on animals as small as mice and as big as rhesus macaque non-human primates (monkeys), risking contracting HIV, AIDS, and Hep B every time a needle penetrated their skin.  I worked in the Safety Pharmaceutical Department (or Safety Pharm as we used to call it).  I worked testing new pharmaceutical drugs on animals (pigs, dogs, rats, mice, cats, rabbits, monkeys, guinea pigs, etc) to determine if the drug passed FDA and medical standards for safety, meaning if the drug did not pass, it could not be manufactured and sold to human consumers. The drug had to pass Safety Pharm before it could go to Human Clinical Trials (drugs tests performed on humans).

The trouble with medical research and scientists like myself, is that we still hold the not-quite-naive child-like belief that we are actually performing research that will save lives and make the world a better place (and that the animals whom we test on are sacrificing themselves for the greater good of humanity- for all my animal loving friends out there).  I wanted to find a cure for cancer, stop Alzhemier’s, prevent diabetes, cure heart disease, and advance medicine for human benefit.  I was lucky enough to talk with and study under the doctors and professors at the University of Tennessee on the first cloned Jersey bovine calf and view their research. I took biology and medical classes and received EMT training. I did everything I could to learn as much as I could about medical research. I had hope for the future. That’s why we become research scientists in the first place (besides the fact that we are science nerds).  There are thousands of people like me in the industry who are research scientists who long to solve medical mysteries and help people. We also have morals and ethics. We want to do the right thing.   Read here:

The reality that hit people like me in the face after working for drug research companies is that despite all our hard work, all our genuine concern and hope to better the future, the research companies, Big Pharma, and the government only care about how much money they can make from said drug or vaccine.  Hopes crushed, world devastated, I spent several years trudging through my work, with a faint belief that perhaps we would come across something that would be a true life-saver, like a cure for cancer, or how to stop Alzheimer’s.  Unfortunately, none came.  Our research, time, and money was controlled by the “customer” (ie- big secret company paying for the research in the first place).  Sometimes we knew we were testing a new breast cancer treatment drug. Other times we didn’t know what (we weren’t allowed to know what) we were testing and what effect the drug was supposed to achieve. This could be scary because we didn’t know what we were risking our own exposure to.  Hint- most of these types of tests we paid for by foreign countries who were afraid America would steal their new patented drug, so they didn’t allow us to even know the chemicals we were exposing ourselves to. Perhaps 40 years from now we will all come down with a mystery cancer that will be linked back to the mystery chemicals we were all exposed to in the research labs, much like the sailors in the Navy were exposed to asbestos in the 1940s.   View a video:


In addition to new medications, we also tested vaccines and vaccine safety.  No, the Center for Disease Control does not do all the testing. They are more of a regulatory agency than a true research facility. Yes, they do perform some research there. They do have labs, but their main purposes is to act as a government agency, issuing reports and regulations and tracking epidemics before they become pandemics. Actual scientific research is mostly done by privately owned medical companies and laboratories and then their reports are sent to the CDC for inspection and review, as well as independent testing for confirmation of results.  Specifically we tested the Gardasil vaccine. Here’s where it got hairy: Our report (which was not made public) showed that the Gardasil shot only prevented 2 of the 11 known HPV strains known to cause cervical cancer (and 2 of the known HPV strains that cause genital warts). That is a pretty bad rate to justify a vaccine’s manufacture and sale. Our research also showed that the shot caused health problems, paralysis, lesions, cancer, hearing loss, blindness, infertility, mental issues and even death. And it was originally approved for females only, never to be given to males. Now, males receive the shot and develop breasts, have hormone imbalances, and other side effects (many listed above) from the shot.    We submitted our research and report, giving a dissenting opinion against the manufacture and sale of the Gardasil vaccine, and you know what Big Pharma did? They threw our report and over 6 years worth of research in the trash and pushed the vaccine through FDA regulations just so they could make money. Makes researchers wonder why they even bother. They did not care that there were major side effects to this vaccine that harmed people, and even lead to death in some cases.  They only cared about how much money they could make and how fast.  Want to know more? Go to the link posted below and scroll down to Table 9 & 10. Those are injuries/effects reported by patients receiving the Gardasil vaccine, but they refuse to link the vaccine with the injuries together (note the part about Regardless of Causality- their way of distancing themselves from any legal responsibility).        Read more here:


See, due to government regulations and patent law, a R&D (research and development) company that produces a new medication or vaccine only has 10 years to recover not only all their expenses and cost to manufacture, test, research, and develop that medication or vaccine, pay their overhead expenses, employees and taxes,  but to also make a profit for their investors.  And we all know that NO ONE goes into any business without the intention of making a profit.  (Hell, even charities make profits while being listed as non-profits with the IRS- don’t believe me, google it). So with only the short window of 10 years to recoup millions or even billions of dollars, most pharmaceutical companies try to spend as little as they can on research and development, meet the bare minimum requirements that the FDA requires for production, and then work as fast as they can to get the drug on the market, being sold at every doctors’s office and pharmacy in the country and around the world. For the most part, they follow the regulations and laws set forth by the government, but sometimes they cut corners to save a few bucks, or downplay side effects, which leads to drugs on the market that have not been thoroughly tested and then every ambulance chasing lawyer wants to setup a massive class-action lawsuit for injured parties to try and get rich themselves.  You know you’ve seen the commercials on tv to call a huge law firm somewhere to get in on the class-action lawsuit they claim will net victims millions of dollars in settlement money. In reality, only the lawyers and Big Pharma get rich.

The majority of childhood diseases were already on the decline (largely due to better medical care more readily accessible, improved hygiene standards and habits, and better diet) with most already being negligible before vaccines even came on the market (Google it!).  So if a disease is already declining, why do we need to create hysteria about a vaccine? To boost sales for Big Pharmacy of course!  See article:   More on disease decline:

The regulations set forth though, do not allow a company to financially be able to support researching side effects and long-term effects of a drug or vaccine for- say 20 years- to determine if the drug will have an adverse effect on humans or not.  So herein lies the problem- if a company actually spent the money to research a drug or vaccine for 20 years or more to determine long-term effects and overall effects on the population (and somehow did not go bankrupt in the meantime) and was able to pass FDA approval and be sold on the market, that drug would be so damned expensive that only people like Bill Gates could afford to purchase it.  And drugs and vaccines already cost an arm and a leg today. Big Pharma’s desire to make huge profits fast has created a war on the innocent. The Vaccine War. The Big Pharma War. And it effects all of us. The medical industry no longer is concerned with actually helping people, just making money. There is more money to be made in treating a disease and its symptoms rather than curing it.  It’s easy to see the conspiracy when I used to be one of the conspirators.


Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund Program– This is Big Pharma’s own court and trust fund set up to pay out to families whose child was injured by their vaccines. They have paid out $2.8 BILLION to families already and the amount is growing everyday (UPDATE- it is now over $3.2 Billion as of 2016). The money is managed by the Department of Treasury and comes from a surcharge that’s attached to every vaccine (a tax if you will). Big Pharma has said vaccines aren’t safe, they even put it in their medical pamphlets (manufacturer’s insert) with the vaccine when it is sold, but because of this VICF court, they are no longer held responsible, cannot be sued, and do not have to report injuries to the public or the government.Now, other companies can be sued. If a child carseat is found to be inferior and caused deaths of children, not only is the carseat manufacturer sued, but sometimes even the vehicle manufacturer is sued too! We see it all the time with products on the market- recalls that then result in lawsuits  Hell, even pharmaceutical companies get sued over bad medicatons, but not vaccine manufacturers!  There is not a single mention of this in the media, anywhere!  VICP, $3.2 BILLION.  At least if a pro-vax parent’s child is injured or dies from a vaccine, there is a fund/program, (that they have already paid into) that will throw money at them to “replace their child” or pay their medical bills. You can’t go all “Erin Brockovich” on the medical industry anymore because they have side-stepped the legal system by setting up the VICF and Big Government has allowed Big Pharma to do it.  Where else do you find a fund set up for injuries caused by a product that is still being sold on the market (aside from Tobacco companies that are still paying out on lawsuits won against them years ago)?  The answer is You Don’t.  If a product causes injury or death, it is almost always RECALLED off the market and made illegal to sell/purchase. Then a compensation fund is set up for victims to submit claims through. See recalls on children’s carseats and cribs. Recalls on food, drinks, vehicles, electronic appliances, etc. etc. etc.  So if the VICF by itself doesn’t convince you that Big Pharma knows their products cause harm and death, and just doesn’t care, then I don’t know what will convince you.  To me, the VICF is a Big Red Flag while also being evidence hidden in plain sight.  Read more here:   and here:


For those of you who always want “proof to read” let me tell you that over 98% of all research reports are NEVER made public and never published for civilians to read. They are kept just between medical organizations or as private company property. Once in a while one escapes the blackhole of the medical industry and winds up on the internet, but very rarely.  Most physicians won’t publish dissenting reports (the proof you are looking for) because they will be laughed out of the medical community even if their research is viable and proves their theory.  The medical industry is a very tight-nit community (but what group of academia isn’t?) and they fear their peers disapproval and self-induced suicide of their careers.  It also costs lots of money for individual independent studies to be conducted by private companies in the medical industry. Most have to obtain grants to fund their research. And let’s not forget that for most physicians and scientists, if they are going to spend 20 or more years studying a theory, they not only need money to do it, but need to feel that the research will pay off in the end, whether that be giving them a reputable name in the industry, obtain tenure and retirement from a university, or allowing them to publish a best-selling book regarding their work. It may seem selfish, but its true. Even doctors and scientists have to feel that their time and money is well spent, not just in the hopes that they will prove whether or not a vaccine or medication is safe or not.

And how many doctors and companies have been accused and proven to have lied about their research or falsified their data? Read here:  Their lies have damaged credible work on vaccine injuries. Doctors and researchers alike struggle to overcome the accusation of corruption and falsified data. Whistleblowers are coming forward though, slowly.  It will take time for enough “Edward Snowdens” of the medical industry to lay out the lies, corruption, and falsified data for the public, before the public will believe they were duped by Big Pharma and Big Government.

 What seem to be “rumors” (don’t get vaccinated, don’t eat GMOs, artificial sweeteners cause cancer, etc) that the public hears are often times medical professionals like myself who warn their family and friends against certain medications or vaccinations because we have “insider info” that we cannot release to the public in an official published document due to legally-binding Non-disclosure Agreements. But we want to prevent those we love from possible contamination and harm. We know what Big Pharmacy and the govt are doing is wrong, but there is not much we can do to change it without a complete upheaval of not only the medical industry, but government and government regulations. So it continues as a silent but growing problem.

Read Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s work. You can also find her on Facebook. Read Dr. Jack Wolfson’s work.  Read Dr. Joseph Mercola’s work.  Go to  Go to  Get on the Inside Vaccines webpage and the National Vaccine Information Center’s website. Both are also on Facebook as well. They post research, papers, interviews, opinions all the time.  These are real doctors. Accredited, licensed, practicing medical physicians. They are not quacks. They are not crazy.  They are caring, dedicated, real people, who like me, still have their original belief of wanting to help people, not harm them, and better everyone’s lives instead of worrying about making a million dollars a year.  And there are more medical professionals coming forward every day with dissenting opinions against the pharmaceutical industry. And they aren’t just going to go away.  Whistleblowers, truth tellers, and witnesses are finally being heard, listened to, and believed, after years of being scolded, shunned, told they were crazy conspiracy theorists and had their careers ruined…..The truth will always come out…..and the truth shall set you free…..


Also, I will make the point that it is hard to find individual independent studies on vaccine safety or on vaccine injuries and links to disease and disability.  Most studies that you can find to read are studies that were performed by the company manufacturing the vaccine or medication in the first place. A bit biased no? Definitely smacks of Conflict of Interest. Of course Big Pharma will release reports to the public saying their product is perfectly safe, and spend good money to squash any dissenting or opposing reports- they’d be stupid not to! They want to make money, so they “reassure” the public that they have conducted studies that will attest to the glory and wonders of said medication or vaccine, just to boost sales. We see it everyday with large corporations and businesses. Of course a company is going to protect its reputation and profits, even if it is through dishonest means.

One instance that has never left my mind was being told by my supervisor, our lab manager, that the medical community and research companies would “never test marijuana nor allow marijuana to be tested because if the medical community showed that there was actual medicinal and health properties to pot, then pot would be legalized and end the drug war and the government’s cash flow. It would be come privatized, instead of a off-the-books cash cow for law enforcement, the judicial system, and the myriad of alphabet soup agencies that get “slush funds” through the war on drugs. If marijuana is shown to have medicinal properties, then everyone would grow it and use it, and then corporations and government would lose out on taxation and regulation of marijuana.”  HIS WORDS, I kid you not! This was my supervisor, someone who had been in the medical industry for nearly 30 YEARS and was a certified medical doctor saying this! And he is not the only doctor I have heard similar statements from over the years. It makes sense- tobacco and alcohol (and I’m not debating their positive or negative health effects here), are easy to obtain, anyone can grow their own tobacco or distill their own alcohol, all for personal use, and while taxed and regulated by the government, it is not a huge money-making industry, when compared to black market drugs.  And all you have to do is look back to when tobacco was run by corporations (plantations) in the 1800s or when gangs and the Mob (another form of corporation) had the bootlegging racket during Prohibition in the 1920s. They were billionaires while it was controlled and/or illegal. Now that anyone can grow tobacco or distill alcohol, it doesn’t net the same sky-high profits as it once did.

I find it funny that we would perform tests on methamphetamine, cocaine, and other “hardcore” drugs, specifically on rats and mice, to show the harmful effects and addiction properties of these illegal substances, but marijuana was taboo and no research would be permitted because the science might prove that pot was harmless and probably good natural medicine that would COST the government money!

  I’m not here to start a war on the use of pot with any of you, I believe that too, is a personal choice that you are free to make in regards to use (I personally don’t believe in recreational drug use)- the point I am making is that the medical community was willing to avoid testing anything that would lose them money because they couldn’t tax it, regulate it, or sell it!  I consider that very shady and underhanded.  

How many other drugs that might actually show promise have been put on the back burner because they wouldn’t net billions of dollars in profit each year?  Has a cure for cancer been derailed because it didn’t prove profitable for Big Pharma and the government? Or was something that could be easily obtained by the general public- like pot, or elderberry syrup, or other herbal remedies- not tested because it lacked Return On Investment opportunities? What about a cure for Alzheimers? Or HIV? Or Diabetes?  Whereas treating someone with cancer each step of the way nets Big Pharma a sure paycheck…smells like corruption to me.

If you want more proof of these companies and government lying to you, hiding the truth from you, all you need to do is look at what is going on in the news today. Merck, the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the MMR live-virus vaccine, paid for fake peer-reviewed medical journals back in 2009 (  and now are being sued in federal court because a whistleblower from the CDC came forward with information regarding fraudulent, mislabeled, misbranded MMR vaccines that caused two known mumps outbreaks and could very well be linked to the current measles outbreak (  Makes you wonder just how many other companies and if the CDC have done this in the past as well- pay for fake medical journals to be published to further their cause or sales numbers, claiming their products were “safe”…. And remember that medical review journals are PEER reviewed (by a panel of doctors who all belong to the Good Ole Boy Club) NOT independently tested and reviewed by unassociated companies or labs who aren’t being paid to give a favorable review.

Or let’s go back to the 1990’s and our military vets returning home with Gulf War Syndrome from the loads of vaccines they were forced to take and were not informed “what” they were being injected with or what cross interaction the vaccines might have:

But you can take government and Big Pharma corruption back even further than current-day news.  A perfect scenario of corruption, crime, lies, and intentional harm occurred between 1932 and 1972 with the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.  Read more here:

Read about the flu vaccine tied to fetal deaths here:

Here is a recent study showing that inflammation and illness at birth or soon after (whether it was a naturally-acquired infection or one from being injected by vaccines as an infant) has shown causation to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Read here:

And apparently the United States is not the only country to have concerns over vaccine safety:   or how about this story, on the very vaccine that I researched:

Now we have Glyphosate poisoning us:

And there’s stray virus strains being found in vaccines now:

Oh, how quickly we forget how many times these stories have come across our newspapers, our televisions, or the internet, and yet they seem to get swept under the rug as time passes and a new “crisis or epidemic” steals our attention. It’s time to see the history of patterns with the lies, the cover-ups, the corruption, that Big Pharma and the government have perpetuated over the years against innocent victims.


Your doctor and your pharmacist used to know each other, study with each other, hell, even play golf together. But the pharmaceutical sales rep came between them. Now, the sale rep shows up to the doctor’s office to convince him to prescribe the latest and greatest drug or vaccine to his patients without giving the doctor adequate knowledge of possible side effects or drug interactions, in exchange for payments or kickbacks. The pharmacist, while acutely aware of drug interactions because they are pharmaceutical chemists, does not have the lab, means, or money to test for interactions, allergies, or long term effects. They have been permanently separated by Big Pharma’s sales rep.


You aren’t seeing outbreaks of these diseases because of unvaccinated people You are seeing 1 of 2 things happening:  1-You are seeing freshly vaccinated people go through Virus Shedding which spreads the contagion among mostly vaccinated people who did not develop immunity when they got vaccinated (Vaccination and Immunity are two different things).Or 2- You are seeing evolution of the virus. In a world where we vaccinate too much, where we have antibacterial soap and wipes and sprays everywhere, where we take a million over-the-counter and prescription drugs that destroy our natural immune system, where we eat food-like substances and genetically modified food, instead of real food, you are now seeing the next step that viruses and bacteria naturally take by evolving and mutating to become a more virulent strain that vaccinations don’t stop. It is the same problem that is happening with super antibiotic resistant bacteria we have emerging now due to over-prescription of antibiotics and anti-bacterial products. We are just more aware of it because we are recording it and studying it. Yes, there is an issue of both illegal aliens and our own citizens bringing disease back into our country from other foreign countries (immigrants are often lacking in proper hygiene care and habits which leads to further spread of disease), migratory animals like birds and insects carry strains of disease with them as they migrate, and people illegally import animals not-native to our country which enables new diseases to reach our shores, but I still maintain that you are witnessing the evolution of disease. In a few years (maybe sooner), you will read stories where some medical journal has confirmed that new strains of viruses and bacteria are being found.  Just wait and see. 90% of your immune system lies in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Considering we eat foods loaded with sugar, salt, artificial fats, and laced with chemicals, hormones, carcinogens, steroids, pesticides, and GMO materials, its no wonder our immune systems are having trouble fighting off a simple common cold. Our water contains chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, hormones, steroids, and prescription medications. Our air and soil are full of pollutants. We have destroyed the strength of our immune systems with our diets and our environment. Returning to a healthier, less-processed, less contaminated diet would do wonders for our immune system and the effects of disease on humans.  I am a firm believer that there is a cure for everything in nature and it starts with what we eat and drink

The only way your immune system will ever develop at the same pace as theses viruses and bacteria is for people to become infected with them to build up antibodies against them. We are so busy trying to eradicate ALL illnesses that we have forgotten that illness plays an important part in developing our immune systems. One of the earliest cases of humans being infected was when a mitochondria bacterium infected a human cell. The relationship became symbiotic millions of years ago and now mitochondria are part of our DNA and every cell in our body. They once were a bacterial invader, but are the cell’s powerhouse now. We cannot live without them now.  I remember reading several years ago a medical article where scientists had successfully tracked genetic markers that were of Black Plague Survivors and showed that these same genetic markers had been passed down to their descendants through DNA. The Black Plague was a nasty bacterial infection that wiped out almost 60% of Europe and Asia in the mid 1300s. No wonder it was called the Dark Ages! But survivors of plague showed genetic evolution of their immune systems that could be passed down to their descendants. Researchers also found that plague-survivor descendants (even up to today) showed marked improved immunity towards stomach illnesses, chest infections, cancers, and general gastrointestinal problems, as well as clear genetic markers in their DNA! They have a genetically evolved immune system compared to people with no plague-survivors in their genealogy. Read more here:


and here:

As a scientist, I question what next step of evolution are we as humans missing out on because we do not allow ourselves or our children to become infected and build antibodies naturally? Which is the definition of IMMUNITY.  Yes, illness can kill people, but it is generally a very small percentage of those who get infected. Yes that sucks, it is unfair, it is awful, and is sad to lose someone to disease, but it is part of the natural life cycle (God’s plan, if you will) that we are so busy interfering with through the use of medications and vaccinations.  Perhaps we have reached a point where medical achievements are no longer productive and good for humans, but are now hindering our natural biological progression and evolution. (And yes, you can be a scientist and believe in both evolution and a divine Creator at the same time. I’ll save that for another post though.)

The TRULY SCARY epidemic that we should be extremely concerned about (and is not in the media anywhere!) is NOT childhood disease, but rather HOSPITAL ACQUIRED INFECTIONS like Staph, tuberculosis, strep, MRSA, Shigella and others.  Statistically 1 our of every 25 people who visit or spend time in a hospital or doctor’s office will contact a disease that is just crawling on the walls, floors, and bedpans. 1 in 25! Just think about that for a minute before you freak out over less than 100 people infected with measles at Disneyland (that is probably a wild-type strain of measles which the vaccine would not be effective against in the first place.) (UPDATE-the  disneyland measles were caused by a freshly vaccinated child who was virus shedding and caused already vaccinated children to contract measles, which we are finding is usually the case when there is an “outbreak”.)   It’s more dangerous to GO TO the hospital!


All I ask is that people do the research themselves before making a decision whether to vaccinate or not. It IS a choice. If you are a truly free person, then no one can force you to put anything in your body or do anything to your body, or that of your children, without your consent. The Nazis happily (and horrifically) forced Jews and Christians to get serial numbers tattooed on them and then medically and surgically experimented on them. All against their will and consent.  Well, we all know how that turned out in the history books.  The point with vaccines is that you have a choice whether to vaccinate or not.  No one should force you to take medications or receive vaccinations.  We have a law in this country where you are allowed to REFUSE medical treatment and medications (including vaccines) its a law for a reason.  Read The Case for Putting Medical & Vaccine Freedom in the Constitution:

Not  even government should have that power. If you decide not to vaccinate, you shouldn’t be jailed, sued, blamed, harassed, or ridiculed for your choice.  The argument that “if vaccines worked as well as government claims, then your vaccinated child has nothing to fear from my unvaccinated child” is a true statement.  If the vaccine has created anti-bodies in a vaccinated person to prevent them from contracting the disease, then please explain how vaccinated people are contracted the very disease they have been vaccinated against. I will tell you how- it is because not everyone who is vaccinated is completely immune from contracting the disease (they develop Resistance to the Vaccine). They did not develop IMMUNITY. Some contract the disease they were being vaccinated against because their immune system could not handle the vaccine or because the vaccine was old and degraded. Sometimes its because it is a live virus strain they were given, which causes virus shedding and makes the person contagious to everyone around them after receiving the vaccine. Some people can contract the disease and be a carrier for the disease,(asymptomatic carriers) having never suffered any signs or symptoms of the disease they carry, save for what a bloodtest could determine (see Typhoid Mary). And it used to be one vaccination was all that was needed to spur artificial immunity, but now a person must receive 4, 5, 6, or more shots over a span of a few years during childhood, and then get booster shots as adults. If these vaccines worked as well as the medical community claims, then you should only need 1 shot. After all, you only have to get chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc, once as a child to develop natural lifelong immunity.

Too many people rely on vaccines as a 100% fail-proof protection plan from disease. They’re not fail-proof. A few hundred people world-wide contracting a disease (whether vaccinated against the disease or not) is not really a call for paranoia or to panic and force vaccinations on everyone, not even if the numbers reach a few thousand. The 1 in a million chance that your or your child will contract a disease because they were not vaccinated against it, is just that- 1 in a million. There are 7 BILLION people on this planet! You have a better chance of winning the lottery, than contracting a childhood disease and being disabled or dying from it.   The same goes for those who were vaccinated and perhaps did not build a proper immunity against the disease, or are now able to be carriers for that disease.  Risk, albeit small, will always be there.  The risk of catching measles, Ebola, diphtheria, pertussis, or other “childhood diseases” or “travel diseases” pales in comparison for “riskiness”, when driving or riding in an automobile/vehicle will be the riskiest and most dangerous thing you do on a daily basis in your life. Deaths in a car wreck far outweigh deaths from measles or Ebola or other diseases. Heart Disease and Cancer still take the crown for deaths per year, so a better diet and some exercise would be better for your health than getting a vaccination against a disease that most likely won’t kill you (provided you treat the symptoms) and will only make you sick and miserable for a week or two, if on the off-chance you even contract the disease.  As far as pregnant women, we have seen mothers already vaccinated, still have their unborn baby contract the disease even though the mother is supposedly immune.  Its a risk, but a small one at that.  Watch VAXXED the Movie:

When I did  volunteer internships for several medical clinics and hospitals, I found the common cold and influenza, and diabetes regularly. Occasionally I would come across patients that had strep, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, a variety of common STDs, and once in a blue moon I saw someone with tetanus, impetigo, or septicemia from an untreated cut. I came across chicken pox once and the child was absolutely fine and enjoying a couple weeks off from school. I saw 2 cases of shingles in elderly people, but after careful study, we found that their shingles was greatly exasperated by an already present autoimmune disorders and vitamin deficiencies and was easily calmed down by correcting their prevalent health issues, vitamin deficiency and diets. I never came across measles, Ebola, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, mumps, or meningitis in patients. All these “scary” illnesses that hospitals have to set up quarantine for and make reports to their local health departments and to the CDC…..illnesses everyone are terrified of….and we never encountered them.  I’m not denying these disease are out there, I am just making the argument that they are not as rampant as media and government would have you believe. It is because the disease were already in decline years ago, and better medical care, hygiene and diet have improved overall health around the world.  Vaccines didn’t eradicate the disease and save us. We built up natural immunity and improves our standard of living. This can be seen in third world countries where there are still outbreaks of measles or diphtheria or cholera or ebola. Its not due to lack of vaccines. It is because these people still live in a state of squalor- defecating and urinating in the same water source that they drink from and bathe in. They do not bathe regularly or wash their hands as a normal daily habit.  They eat improperly stored foods and improperly cooked foods leading to food-borne illnesses and stress on the immune system.  They have limited diets and have vitamin deficiencies.  It has nothing to do with lack of vaccination.  The WHO (world health organization) along with missionaries, church groups, and other health workers have diligently been vaccinating the unwashed masses of third world countries, and yet they have the outbreaks of disease. Its because of the lack of proper hygiene and nutrition.  If you  practice proper hygiene and have a good nutritional diet, you have an extremely low chance of encountering these diseases and an even lower rate of contracting them. It comes down to standard of living, not vaccination.


The 1933 theory on “herd immunity” has since been dis-proven and is an antiquated notion. Herd mentality though, is still prevalent in society.  Everyone loves to make the argument that “we should all be vaccinated for the safety of the whole”.  Oh Really? If cutting off one of your legs would prevent people from getting purple spots on their face (with the slim chance of Purple Spots causing death in 1 out of hundred-thousand people), would you cut your leg off?   Probably not, especially if contracting Purple Spots was rare, and even rarer, caused disability or death. Most people are not that selfless and would keep their leg. But the real question is- is it even fair to ask the person to cut off their leg for only a slim chance at prevention?  Most certainly not. That is what you have going on with vaccination.  There is already a slim chance that you or your child will contract one of these diseases, and even slimmer chance that you will have a horrid complication or death from having contracted the disease.  It is not a big enough margin to force others to vaccinate themselves.  People seem to forget that Darwin was right- it is the survival of the fittest. But not just in strength or speed or being healthy.  It is also in the selfishness of wanting to survive by what decisions we make. Yes, the medical community wants to improve the health and well being of everyone they can (after all physicians take the Hippocratic Oath to Do No Harm- which tells me Big Pharma is breaking their oaths with their products on a daily basis), but never confuse helping the human race with the inherent ingrained individual trait of self-survival and preservation over others. Humans are animals too and we will always choose self-survival first. We cannot help it. Our brains are programmed that way.   If I choose not to vaccinate myself or my child because there are chemicals or fetal tissue issues with the vaccination, or the risk of allergic reaction outweighs the benefits of the vaccination, yes I am being selfish. I am insuring the survival of myself or my child by not exposing ourselves to the chemicals or other problems/allergic reactions with vaccines. Am I risking the “rest of the herd” because I did not vaccinate? No more so than they are risking me by choosing to vaccinate and contaminate their bodies, immune system, damage their DNA and the genetic pool with pollutants and chemical,and cause virus shedding! No more than the risk that they WERE vaccinated and still did not develop proper immunity to the disease and contracted the disease or can now be a carrier for the disease (asymptomatic carriers or resistance to the vaccine).

My father had measles as a child and was fine. My mother had mumps and no ill-side effects. My brother and I both had Chicken Pox and were fine. My grandfather survived Rheumatic Fever and had no ill effects.  My husband endured Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick bite as a child and he has the “immune system of Zeus”, according to our family physician. I was born 6 weeks early as a premie and spent 77 days in the NICU in an incubator on lifesupport. *I* was one of those babies who could not be vaccinated until much older and was “at risk” of childhood diseases the media is warning you about. My mother never demanded that other people get vaccinated to reduce risk to me.  I never contracted any childhood disease as a child, save for Chicken Pox in the 3rd grade. Our “herd” survived childhood diseases and seem to have better immune systems for it. We all see vaccinations as a choice. I see this as no different than choosing not to smoke tobacco products, not to take drugs, not to expose myself or my children unnecessarily to chemicals, pollution, or GMO products, and not to vaccinate. The beauty is that it is my choice. And you don’t  get to make that choice for me or have government force me to vaccinate! Tyranny will not eradicate disease or make you safer. 


The price of freedom is understanding and accepting that people will make decisions you don’t agree with that you have to accept, whether that be to not vaccinate or to do drugs, or to eat Big Macs everyday. That is THEIR choice, YOUR choice, MY choice, because we are all FREE.  For those who say “well your unvaccinated child made my child sick, so you should be blamed, harassed, sued, jailed, beaten, hung, etc. etc. etc.” let me say this, Prove It.  Prove that my child made your child sick, and that your child did not in fact become sick just from breathing air that could contain diseased droplet particles that could have come from anyone anywhere, or from your trip to your local grocery store or doctor’s office or school or daycare, or from someone sneezing or coughing on you and your clothing as you pass them on the street, or even been contracted from one of the vaccinated children who is now an asymptomatic carrier for the disease or is virus shedding and showing no signs or symptoms of illness.  Patient Zero is often difficult to find. Virus and bacteria particles can hang in the air for over an hour and live on surfaces for days, even weeks.  You could have been exposed to a disease that someone coughed out a week prior, and not even know it!  Think about all those door handles and grocery carts, and money you touch on a daily basis that all are filthy and hold virus and bacteria particles!  Perhaps if it was the other way around and my child became sick from you child, but my child’s symptoms were delayed in showing due to a healthier immune system than your child. Or perhaps your child was freshly vaccinated recently and they are in the virus shedding stage that makes them highly contagious, and my child contracts a disease from your child?  Then what? Shall I point the loaded gun at you and condemn you for allowing you or your child’s microscopic infectious particles to exit your body and enter mine or my child’s?  Not very nice when you think about the tables being turned, is it?  Do people not see or understand how utterly ridiculous that is?  The point is, you cannot punish someone for being human and for breathing or living. You cannot punish someone because they believe getting sick and then recovering from it promotes a healthier and stronger natural immune system than someone’s immune system who was artificially boosted by a vaccine. People do not intentionally make other people sick. Its random and accidental.  Not getting vaccinated is not the same as committing murder.  People who do not vaccinate are not “intentionally not vaccinating” to intentionally risk the whole population or “herd”.  They don’t choose to not vaccinate so they can sit back and laugh when your child gets sick. They are not evil master-minds who have a global plan to infect everyone with measles or polio or Ebola. They are just protecting their own health and that of their offspring naturally. (The doctor that was suspected of intentionally mailing anthrax in the mail as a biological weapon back in 2001, before he committed suicide, was vaccinated against the anthrax he used…and he was a doctor, a vaccinologist, and he worked for the government! But one bad-crazy-apple is not a reason to compare normal parents who are against vaccines to this nutjob.)   How long until everyone is suing each other or trying to put each other in jail because they caught the common cold or got a headache and don’t want to go to work? How long till everyone is taking advantage of the hysteria to get laws passed that allow me to sue you because you sneezed on me?  Or coughed in my general direction? Because that is the road you are headed down….

Too many people are willing to play the role of the next Hitler to force vaccinations on people.  But where does it stop? Next they will be forcing you to wear certain clothes, eat certain foods, do certain activities, take certain medications, have certain medical procedures, etc. etc. etc. It is control over your life and your freedom, which no one can ever be allowed to dictate your freedom. It is control were are talking about here. Not preventing disease or eradicating it. We are talking about freedom and people who want to control your freedom….your body….your mind….What you allow to be done to one person, will eventually be done to you and your family.  Its a slippery slope like that…..

The people who want to sue, jail, segregate, flog, impale, or hang unvaccinated people (am I being sarcastic? Just look at pro-vaxxer comments on the internet…these people foam at the mouth like rabid dogs when a person expresses their desire to not vaccinate!) They are just perpetuating hatred and bigotry.  We stopped segregating people back in the 1960s based on the color of their skin. What do you want the unvaccinated people to do? Get a tattoo showing they are unvaccinated? Round them all up into Ghettos? How about Death Camps for them because they refuse to take vaccines?  Where does it stop? Sounds too much like what Nazi Germany did to the Jews to me…..sounds too much like fascism and tyranny. This has become a 3-ring circus with pro-vaxxers and non-vaxxers about to go nuclear over this issue. There is no reason for any of it. Freedom of choice is the only option. Let people live their lives the way they want. There will always be the risk of getting sick (just as you are at risk or being mugged while walking down the street).  No amount of vaccines or medications will stop that. Life is Risk. Learn to accept it and move on.

Diseases will NEVER be eradicated from our planet, short of apocalypse. Disease is a natural part of life. We need to stop being fearful of disease.  It is part of the natural cycle of life. We will never eradicate every disease from the planet because viruses and bacteria will just continue to grow, evolve, and mutate. We will never stop that.

 We DO need to stop being scared and using panic to force lifestyle choices on people.  We need the medical industry to conduct more thorough testing and research on vaccines and medications before bringing them to market.  We need to conduct better tests for drug interactions and conflicts.  We need to conduct better studies on allergic reactions to medications and vaccinations. We need to do studies (and make public the research) on people who have been injured or killed by medications and/or vaccines.  I want to see an epidemiological study done on vaccines and medications.  I want to see studies done on populations that are vaccinated versus populations that are not vaccinated.  I want to see studies done on risks and benefits of following the current vaccine schedule as laid out by the CDC versus spacing vaccines out or postponing them till a later age or reducing the schedule amount entirely. I want to see studies done on drug interactions for the most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals not only in children, adolescents, and adults, but in our elderly population who consume more prescription medications than any other age category. I want to see studies on how GMO foods, medicines, and other products that we consume, ingest, or use on a daily basis are effecting our lives and our very DNA! I want to see studies on risks or fluoridation of water and its effects on the population not only physically, but mentally! I want to see more proof and evidence that all this medical technology is actually performing GOOD things for humans, and not harmful effects. I want proof. I want evidence. I want science that unbiased people can stand behind and gladly support with no conflict of interest or government dollars lining their pockets. This is the only way we can improve science and health.  Science isn’t exact, but it doesn’t have to be kept in the dark by Big Pharma profits and stock holdings.


For those who wish to vaccinate, good for you. And I mean that in a friendly way. It is your choice. Vaccines can and do save lives. Vaccines can be good medicine. And I believe that in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s that medical research was unbiased and true to its purpose.  I believe at that time, there was not the government influence and corporate corruption that started slipping into the industry until the 1970s. I believe that there once was a time where the medical industry truly wanted to help people over greed of profits…..but that day has long since passed.   Are all vaccines bad? We don’t know. Only time will tell.  If I was in the middle of an outbreak (a true pandemic, not a mere 100 people on the other side of the country or globe that are infected) and I felt that my child or myself were at risk, I would vaccinate, but only after proper research and understanding of the disease…I would not run in a panic to get a shot because there is a case of measles 2,000 miles away from me. I wouldn’t get a shot even if the case was 50 miles from me. Not unless I felt it was truly needed after I was properly educated and informed.  If one of us was bitten by a rabid animal, we would get the rabies vaccine without a seconds thought. But for now we selectively vaccinate in our family. We are nowhere near a ground zero outbreak zone that warrants us running to the hospital to get a jab in the arm.  If you do decide to vaccinate, I hope you will do your research first, consider your own and your family’s medical history, consider any allergies or allergy-prone indicators, before choosing to vaccinate. I hope you will review the risks of vaccinations before vaccinating.  I hope you will read all medical pamphlets and manufacturer’s inserts for any medications you are prescribed or purchase over-the-counter.  I hope you will get second and third opinions from physicians before considering vaccines, medications, or medical procedures. I hope you will make an educated and informed decision and not just do “what you are told” by government, schools, or your doctor. Always question authority.   I hope you will understand and appreciate your freedom to choose to vaccinate as you understand and appreciate mine and other’s freedom to choose not to. I hope you will consider my information in regards as to how the medical research industry and Big Pharma really works before you sign up for the next new drug or new vaccine.  I hope you will educate others on the freedom to choose when it comes to medical procedures, medications, and vaccinations. I hope you will remember the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” in all aspects of your life, not just medical decisions.  You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to respect your fellow man’s personal decisions or lifestyle.  I hope that if you do choose to vaccinate, that you will choose to spread the vaccinations out over a period of time and not get “combination vaccines” where it will be harder to determine which vaccine caused an allergic reaction if one does occur.  I hope that if you do vaccinate you will not only get individual vaccinations at separate times, spread out over several months or even years, but I hope you will carefully document your own or your child’s reaction(s) if any, to the vaccination so that better research can be conducted by people like me.  Having better facts, figures, and reaction data from patients who receive vaccinations or prescribed medications, can greatly aid researchers in “fixing” vaccines or producing better medical products that perhaps one day will not have as many chemicals in them, will not be as allergenic, and will not be contaminated with fetal tissue or GMOs.  There are still physicians and researchers out there who want to truly help people and make life better.  We are not all seeking fame and fortune with our research.


Before you call me a hypocrite, let me say that I have been at war with myself for years over whether to vaccinate or not.  We are a conservative Traditional Catholic family and do not believe in the use of fetal tissue for testing or research purposes.  I have read tons of studies, research, and opinions both for and against vaccines. I am aware of all the chemicals in vaccines as purifying agents and preservatives.  I understand the higher risks of a live virus vaccine being given to my child over a heat-killed strain.   I was a selective-vaccinator with my child for years. I think I became a selective-vaxxer when a childhood friend of mine (who was speaking, hearing, acting normal at home and in school) received a DTP vaccine (before it became the DTap Vaccine), and later that night had a fever spike to 106F and had a seizure. She was rushed back to the hospital, where her doctor determined she was having an allergic reaction to the mercury (thimerosal is a mercury-derived preservative) in the vaccine she was given.  Her fever and seizure permanently damaged her hearing in both ears and her speech was effected. She went from being a happy little girl to a child that was put in special needs classes, all because of 1 shot.

Then, as a research scientist, after I began seeing side effects and death in the animals I tested medications and vaccines on, I began to wonder if the benefits outweighed the risks. I personally spaced my son’s vaccinations (the ones I chose to allow him to have) out over several years. I did not let him get combo vaccinations all in one day. I spread out everything so I could monitor him for reactions.  Most pro-vaxxers are quick to say “why chance getting the measles or polio or Ebola?”  I ask, why risk having an allergic reaction (which is becoming much more commonplace) to a vaccine for a disease that you already only stand a 1 in a million chance of contracting? Its called Vaccine Injury. And it is now more common to be vaccine injured and have life-long allergies and injuries, than to die from these so called deadly childhood diseases!  Think that one through!

This very thing  happened to ME:  I developed Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, know as Hugh’s Syndrome, a blood clotting disorder, that has ties back to the Tetanus shot given in the 1970s and 1980s.   Medical experiment confirming:  and here:

It is a lifelong disorder that could kill me. I have to take a daily blood thinner medication for life and I had to have a blood clot filter surgically implanted in my Inferior Vena Cava to prevent blood clots from travelling to my lungs and killing me. This medical implant now prevents me from getting pregnant safely.  The filter must be surgically removed before I can have any more pregnancies. I have been robbed of my motherhood and further children. I was vaccine-injured. And it could kill me. My brother has the exact same syndrome, also caused by the Tetanus Shot. We both have had emergency surgeries and hospitalizations because of the Hugh’s Syndrome and we both almost died.  Yes, Lockjaw is no fun and blood poisoning is a possibility should you not have a current Tetanus Shot and step on a rusty nail (which is a myth- you actually pick up tetanus from working in soil that is contaminated, so watch out gardeners-wear gloves!) , but Hugh’s Syndrome is FOREVER.  Think about that before you vaccinate. 

My son and I both also have seasonal allergies and asthma, which our Asthma & Allergy Specialists have admitted to us in their office behind closed doors, was caused by being over-vaccinated in our lives.  Read that again- a medical doctor who specializes in allergies and asthma has advised us AGAINST getting vaccines or further vaccination because it will perpetuate our current condition. Once my son had to begin a daily allergy and asthma medication and treatment plan, I became an ANTI-VAXXER.  Now my son is vaccine injured from even the selective and well-spaced out vaccines I consented to him having! Even my careful planning, research, and scheduling, still lead to him being injured!  Thank God he wasn’t injured with autism, seizures, cancer, or death!


The beautiful thing about our medical community now, is that should you contract one of these childhood diseases, the risk of disability or death is very, very low compared to 100 years ago. Now if you are sick and have a high fever, you can go to the hospital and they treat you for it. The fever no longer causes brain damage or kills you because doctors are able to treat their patients and keep them safe while their body naturally fights off these diseases (yes there are rare exceptions to this). Most of these diseases only cause some discomfort and minor pain, both of which can be remedied with over-the-counter common everyday pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. They are cheap, easy to obtain, and work great. Also, remember that it is ONLY childhood diseases that we pre-exposure vaccinate for.  We vaccinate for Rabies, Ebola, Anthrax, etc, AFTER risk of exposure or contraction, not before. 

Yes, I know there are VERY rare instances of disability and death caused by these childhood diseases, but that is certainly no reason to mandate vaccines.  The argument of vaccinating healthy children (and risking their health in the process) to protect children with autoimmune disorders is also ridiculous. If your child has an autoimmune disorder, no amount of vaccines are going to prevent them from getting sick. They’d have to live in a plastic bubble to be 100% safe. We see this with HIV/AIDS patients, they often die of pneumonia or other infections for which there are vaccines for, proving that vaccinating children will not protect children with autoimmune disorders. I was one of those children with a compromised immune system as a baby. I was born 10 weeks early!  I couldn’t receive vaccines because I was a premie, but my parents did not create hysteria and put me in a bubble to protect me from a slim chance of contracting a disease that would greatly harm me or kill me. They didn’t demand other people get vaccinated just to reduce my risk. I’m here today, a grown woman and mother of a beautiful son.  I no longer work in the medical industry.  I couldn’t stomach knowing my research was not helping people or preventing bad vaccines and medications from being sold on the market. I couldn’t take being a patsy or a fool anymore. I couldn’t stand the corruption and lies.  I had to walk away.

My child has received some (very few in comparison to what the recommended vaccine schedule is) shots but not others, based on my research and based on that our family is Catholic and we do not believe in the use of aborted fetal tissue for medical research. My life as a research scientist and seeing negative side effects up close and personal on animals and people also drives my decision.  I am aware of the chemicals as purifying agents and preservatives in the vaccines. I am aware of the higher rates of reactions with live virus vaccines versus heat-killed strains. I have spoken with many people who were injured or their children were injured by medications or vaccines. I base my decision off of a life-time of research and study, not some willy-nilly celebrity or some blog I read online. I have made an informed and educated decision. So I have moral, medical, philosophical, and religious reasons for choosing to not vaccinate. And as the years roll by, and more evidence comes to light regarding vaccinations and medications, I find myself wishing I had not vaccinated my son at all. We both suffer from vaccine-induced injuries that will cause a lifetime of required medication and treatment.  I worry what longterm effects we do not yet know about will rear their ugly head when he hits puberty….and then again as an adult….. It keeps me awake at night…..I have since decided to stop all vaccinations with my son and for our family.


I applaud anyone who does their research and has enough concern for their well being and that of their child to question anything “government approved”. Remember, freedom of choice and to live your life the way you want comes first over the interests of the entire population.  Mob rule should never rule the day. Always question authority…..they do not always have your best interests at heart.

You can watch the BOUGHT movie here regarding vaccines and vaccine injuries, as well as government cover-up.  This is a fabulous movie that needs to be shared everywhere!  (I am not a paid endorser of this movie, I just found it incredible informative). UPDATE- Vaxxed, from conspiracy to catastrophe, a new movie is out- learn more here:

Much love and freedom,



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Pandemic Survival- Influenza, Ebola, & other contagious diseases


Protecting Your Family From an Influenza Pandemic (This also applies for Ebola)

The emerging threats of the H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu and the still-present Asian Avian Flu Virus (AAV H5N1) brings into sharp focus the vulnerability of modern, highly mobile and technological societies to viral or bacterial infectious diseases. The last major flu outbreak, (H2N2 in 1957, which killed 69,800 people in the United States) took five months to reach the United States. With the advent of global jet travel, it is now likely that highly virulent disease strains will be transmitted to population centers around the world in a matter of just a few days. This is what happened with H1N1.

In this article, I will describe how you can protect yourself and your family from the next great pandemic. Although the likelihood of H1N1 mutating into a more virulent strain is relatively low, the potential impact if this were to occur would be devastating. The current strain of the virus has a low lethality rate for humans. But even if H1N1 turns out to be a “non-event”, in the next few decades there is a very high likelihood that some other disease will emerge and suddenly make a pandemic breakout. The odds are against us, because influenzas have tendency toward antigenic shift. Because influenzas are viral and are spread by casual person to person contact, the majority of the world’s population will be exposed in just a few weeks or months. Even today, more than 30,000 Americans die each year from flu complications–mostly the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

Here are the key things that you need to do to protect yourself and your family, and to help restore order during a pandemic:

A.) If appropriate, Raise Your Immune Resistance. (Only for non-cytokine storm variety flues–see the following discussion)

B.) Be Ready to Fight the Illness

C.) Avoid Exposure.

D.) Stockpile Key Logistics.

E.) Be Prepared to Dispense Charity From a Safe Distance (if you so choose to do so)



Raise Your ImmuneResistance

There are two philosophies to fighting off influenza viruses. The first and mostly prevalent is to raise the body’s immune response. The other is to maintain normal immune response to prevent a collapse caused by over-response–a “cytokine storm“. Unless you are immuno-suppressed, do not raise your immune resistance for influenza where cytokine storm has been reported to be causing a significant number of deaths.

To raise your immune resistance to disease it is important that you stop smoking. If you are a smoker you have already realized that you are much more susceptible to respiratory infections. Smokers are at high risk to develop complications. Get plenty of exercise, eat healthy foods, drink only in moderation, get plenty of sleep, and use top quality vitamin supplements (from a company such as  eVitamins.) If you are overweight, you need to alter your diet get down to within five pounds of normal body weight. You need to change your diet for two important reasons: First, unhealthy foods weaken your immune system. Cut out refined sugar. Avoid candy, snack foods, soft drinks, and any processed foods with preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or MSG. Avoid store-bought meat, which is often tainted by the hormones and antibiotics used in commercial livestock feeds. Wild game or home-raised livestock is much healthier! Lastly, pray. Why? Anxiety is a form of stress that weakens the immune system, and prayer is a proven way to relieve anxiety and stress. And more importantly, as a Christian I believe that it is crucial to pray for God’s guidance, providence, and protection.

pandemic (1)

Be Ready to Fight the Illness

There are some symptoms that distinguish between colds and flues: Flues typically cause fever, chills, achy feeling (malaise), headaches, and extreme fatigue. Cold symptoms are usually restricted to the upper respiratory tract while flu symptoms tend to involve the entire body.

Influenzas tend to kill most of their victims in two ways: dehydration and lung congestion. Even the Avian flu, which is respiratory usually starts with stomach flu symptoms. Stomach flues usually induce diarrhea which rapidly dehydrates the victim. To fight this, you need to stock up on both anti-diarrhea medicines (such as Imodium AD–an anti-spasmodic) and electrolyte solutions such as Pedialyte. (The latter is available in bulk though large chain “warehouse” stores.) The various sports type drinks (such as Gatorade) can be used as oral rehydration solutions (ORSs) too. However, I prefer to dilute them about 50% with water, they have a lot of glucose in them which will exacerbate diarrhea symptoms.

If commercial ORSs are not available, I have read that you can make an emergency solution as follows:
• 1/2 teaspoon of salt
• 2 tablespoons honey, sugar, or rice powder
• 1/4 teaspoon potassium chloride (table salt substitute)
• 1/2 teaspoon trisodium citrate (can be replaced by baking soda)
• 1 quart of clean water

Imodium is a trade name for Loperamide. It can be purchased generically for relatively little cost, at such places as warehouse stores. The generic (house brands) are just fine. Stock up on Acetominophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Motrin) as well – for treating fevers. These two antipyretics can be taken together or on an alternating 4 hour schedule (take each every 4 hours but split them, for example at 8 AM take acetaminophen, at 10 AM take ibuprofen, etc. This makes it easier to monitor the patient and get them to drink fluids, if they’re up every 2 hours they will have to drink some fluids). Either have a traditional glass thermometer for each person, or a digital thermometer with lots of disposable sleeves. The thermometers are a couple of bucks at most drug stores. The sleeves are a buck or so per hundred. Don’t cross-contaminate your patients.

Note: There is a difference of opinion on in medical circles about suppressing a fever with an non-seasonal influenza. It all depends on the particular strain. Before using aspirin (for adults) or Acetaminophen (for children and adults), check the literature on the current flu strain. If there are widespread reports of “cytokine storm” reactions by patients, then suppressing a fever might be a good thing.

Statistically, the largest group that were killed by the 1918 flu were 16 to 25 years old–those with the strongest immune systems. Those patients often died because their bodies fought the virus too vigorously, in a cytokine storm. Aspirin can help suppress the response that leads to a cytokine over-reaction. Again, there is still considerable debate in medical literature over the issue of fever suppression versus the risk of cytokine over-reaction in treating influenzas.

Because influenzas are viral rather than bacterial, most antibiotic drugs (antibacterial) are useless in combating them. If you suspect that you are coming down with influenza get bed rest! Too many people ignore their symptoms because “that project at work just has to get done.” Not only do they risk their own health, but they infect their co-workers! Liquids help ease congestion and loosen phlegm and are of course crucial to rehydration. Just a fever alone can double your body’s dehydration rate.

Respiratory flues such as the Swine Flu and Asian Avian Flu kill mainly via congestion. Buy a steam-type vaporizer. Stock up on expectorants containing guaifenesin as the main ingredient.

You will need to watch carefully for any symptoms of pneumonia develop. These include: difficulty or painful breathing, a grunting sound when breathing (quite distinct from the wheezing of bronchitis or the “barking” of croup), extremely rapid breathing, flaring nostrils with each breath, or coughing up rust-colored phlegm. Pneumonia can be a deadly complication of the flu and is the main cause of flu-related death. It is important to note that pneumonia is typically a co-infection that can be either viral or bacterial. In case of a bacterial pneumonia, antibiotics are crucial for saving lives. If it is viral, there is not much that can be done. While antibiotics can clear infection they cannot remove secretions. The patient must cough them all the way back up the respiratory tract. Do not use cough suppressants–anything with active ingredients like dextromethorphan or diphenhydramine. A “productive” (wet) cough that produces phlegm is a good thing! This is where you may need expectorants. One that works well is Robitussin (the original type of Robitussin without any capital letters after the name). These are also available as generics, and quite cheap, so stock up. You should also read up on postural drainage and percussion techniques for chest secretion clearance–for instances when your patient cannot or will not cough effectively.

Avoid Exposure

Aside from being actually coughed or sneezed upon by an infected person, the most common way to catch the flu is by touching something which has been coughed on or sneezed upon by an infected person. For instance, the person that used the shopping cart before you had the flu. They covered their mouth with their hand when they coughed then used that very hand to push the cart around the store. Now your hands are touching the same place. Without thinking while shopping, you rub your eye or nose and you have introduced the virus to your most vulnerable point of infection. When you are out in public do not touch your eyes or nose. Wash your hands frequently to remove any germs you have picked up. Teach your children this as well.

Even though the chances of a full scale “nation busting” pandemic are small, the possibility definitely exists. A full scale pandemic that starts taking lives on a grand scale may quite reasonably cause you to take some extreme measures to protect the lives of your family members. You can cut your chances of infection by more than half if you prepare to live in isolation (a strict “self quarantine”) for an extended period of time. You need to be prepared to avoid all contact with other people during the worst of the pandemic. The self quarantine period might last as much as three years, as successive waves of influenza sweep through the country. Think this through, folks. What would you need to do to successfully quarantine your family? Grab a clipboard and start making some prioritized lists.

History has shown that infectious diseases do their worst in urbanized regions So if you can afford to, make plans to move to a lightly populated region, soon. Where? I recommend moving west of the Missouri River (because of the west’s much lighter population density) to a rural, agricultural region. When looking for a retreat locale, look outside of city limits and away from major highways that will serve as “lines of drift” for urban refugees. You are looking for a property that could serve as a self-sufficient farm–something over five acres, and preferably closer to 40 acres. In the event of a “worst case” pandemic situation, there is the possibility that power grid could go down. Even if your farm has well water, you may be out of luck. A home with gravity fed spring water is ideal, but uncommon. So you will either need to be able to pump well water by hand–only practical with shallow wells–or be prepared to treat water that you’ll draw from open sources: rivers, creeks, lakes, or ponds.

Plan to live at your retreat year-round. In the event of a full scale pandemic, the police and military will probably be ordered to enforce draconian quarantines of cities, counties, or perhaps entire states or regions. Having a well-stocked retreat is useless if you can’t get to it. Live there, and become accustomed to getting by self-sufficiently. Plant a big vegetable garden, using non-hybrid seeds. Raise small livestock that can forage on your own pasture. Get your digestive system accustomed to consumption of your bulk storage foods. Home school your kids. Develop a “hunker down” lifestyle with minimal trips to town. Each trip to town will constitute another opportunity for infection.

To make self-quarantine effective, it is essential that you are prepared to live in isolation for many months, and possibly years, to avoid contact and subsequent risk of infection. This can be practical for anyone that is retired or self-employed in an occupation that does not require regular face to face contact with clients or customers. (For example home-based mail order, self-publishing, recruiting, medical/legal transcription, or telecommuting.) But for anyone else it may mean having to quit your job and live off of your savings. So it is essential that you get out of debt and start building your savings, ASAP. If you can possibly change jobs to something that will allow isolation or semi-isolation, do so as soon as possible. For most of us in the middle class, this may mean “doubling up” with another family to share resources.

To protect yourself (at least marginally) from infected spittle, wear wrap-around goggles and buy or fabricate surgical style masks, in quantity. Note that even an N100 gas mask filter will not stop an airborne virus, since the viruses are too small. But at least a cloth mask will give you some protection from virus-laden spittle. Once the pandemic breaks out in your region, you won’t look out of place wearing these, even on a trip to the post office. Stock up on disposable gloves. Note that some individuals are allergic to latex. So do some extended wear tests before you buy gloves in quantity. Wear gloves whenever away from your retreat, and wash your hands frequently, regardless. Keep your hands away from your nose and eyes at all times. Stock up on soap and bottles of disinfecting hand sanitizer.



Stockpile Key Logistics

To make long term self quarantine effective you will need to buy a large quantity of long term storage food from a trustworthy vendor. It is also important to lay in extra food to dispense in charity–both to your neighbors and to any relatives that might end up on your doorstep at the 11th hour.

Stockpile fuel–firewood, home heating oil, or propane, plus fuel for your backup generator, vehicles and/or tractor. For liquid fuels, buy the largest tanks that you can afford to buy and fill, and that are allowable under your local fire code. If you heat with wood or coal, determine how many cords or pounds of coal you buy each winter and then triple that amount.

Build a sturdy gate to your driveway and get in the habit of keeping it closed and locked. It may sound far-fetched, but in the event or a “worst case” you may have to repel looters by force of arms. Buy plenty of ammo, zero your guns, and practice regularly. Hurricane Katrina showed how fragile our society is and how quickly law and order can break down in an emergency. Plan accordingly.

With the consent of your doctor and his prescription, you should stock up at least moderately on antibiotics such as penicillin and Ciprofloxacin (“cipro”) to fight co-infections. But they should only be used if it is abundantly clear that a co-infection has set in. (Again, watch for pneumonia symptoms.)

There are a few drugs that have been clinically proven to be useful in lessening the symptoms of viral influenzas, and shortening the duration of illness. These include Relenza (Zanamivir), Tamiflu (Oseltamivir phosphate), and Sambucol. These drugs are used immediately after the onset of flu symptoms. Of the three, Sambucol–a non-prescription tincture of black elderberry– is probably the best. I predict shortages of these drugs in coming months, so stock up while they are still readily available!

I’m not a big believer in Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) or the other neuraminidase inhibitors. It’s only demonstrated effect is to make the course of the flu slightly less long (on the order of 1-2 days less), but it has a critical requirement: IT MUST BE TAKEN within the first day or two of feeling ill. Most people (myself included) will just feel a little ‘off’ those first couple of days, or try to work through it. Tamiflu in this situation is pretty useless. Also, if someone is going to use it, they MUST have it on hand before they get sick: Getting the first symptoms, then deciding to call your physician and getting an appointment to get the prescription the week after next isn’t going to help. Finally, it’s pretty expensive (a standard 5 day adult dose is around $100 plus the physician’s appointment). It’s also going to be in short supply as people start trying to get it (similar to Cipro following the anthrax attacks and scares). BTW, Mom’s old standby for respiratory infections (chicken soup) is as effective as oseltamivir. I doubt that it would be a good choice for an avian or swine flu pandemic, though.

So, what should people do? In addition to the suggestions you’ve offered, I have a few more: If the pandemic strikes, and you can’t avoid going out among people, wear disposable gloves (they don’t have to be surgical or sterile). You don’t know who last touched that … whatever (door knob, elevator button, public phone, etc). Carry and use several pair, and learn how to take them off without touching the outsides (ask a medically trained individual to show you). Human beings touch surfaces over 1,000 times a day and then touch their face, mouth, and nose over 300 times a day! We do all this subconsciously and don’t realize that we are self-contaminating creatures! Think about this- we touch: cell phones, public phones, doorknobs, shopping carts, elevator buttons, each other, dining tables and chairs, etc. The list is endless! And everything carries germs!

ALWAYS PUT TOLIET PAPER DOWN ON THE TOLIET SEAT IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS!! You can very easily pick up viruses and bacteria that we normally classify as “sexual transmitted diseases”, but medical research shows that these viruses and bacteria can live on a toilet seat for up to a week or more, just waiting for you to plop your bare bottom down on the seat and become its new host! I have seen folks who NEVER had an STD in their life (and did not live a life that would increase their risks of getting an STD), but managed to pick up an STD off a public toilet seat…it’s not an urban myth…do you want to trust that minimum-wage flunky at Wal-Mart to properly sterilize and clean those public toilets? I don’t! So always put toilet paper down as a barrier method between your skin and private parts and the infected toilet seat. Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes! If your hands become contaminated (and you should always assume your hands are contaminated after being in a public place), don’t transfer the virus or bacteria to mucous membranes (nose, mouth, ears, eyes, private parts, open/uncovered wounds or scratches). Wash your hands often (and also, BEFORE and AFTER using public restrooms, then don’t touch the door knob on the way out – use an extra paper towel). Hand sanitizer gels are OK but plain soap and water is fine too. If nothing else is available, a ‘dry wash’ (vigorously rubbing your hands as though you were soaping them up) is surprisingly effective in removing the outer dead layer of skin cells that harbor virus particles or bacteria. It won’t get rid of every single one (nothing will) but it’s a matter of odds – the fewer, the better.
Teach everyone (especially the dear little germ transport mechanisms we call children) to cough into their elbow or armpit – NOT to cover their face with their hands (and then what?) or use a tissue (and then what?). And to wash their hands afterwards. This minimizes spread of disease to others and reduced the risk of them re-contaminating themselves.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and I don’t give medical advice. I have taken medical classes and EMT training, but I am not a board-licensed medical physician. Mention of any medical device, treatment, drug, or food supplement is for educational purposes only. Consult your doctor before undertaking any treatment or the use of any drug, food supplement, or medical device. We are not responsible for the use or misuse of any product mentioned.