Quick thoughts on Gamma Seal Lids


Gamma Seal Lids– those nifty air-tight lids that fit onto 5-gallon buckets by way of a gasket seal, used for food storage by most Preppers. Now they come in awesome colors so you can color-code your food and water storage as well as your Prepper supplies!

Quick thought on color coding:

I like to use the colored lids to separate my supplies so they are easily accessible and easily located when needed. Make sure to label your buckets with contents and date you stored them.

BLUE lid– use this one to store your water filters and water purification items. Put your water treatment tablets in there.

RED lid– red is a universal color for first aid, so store your first aid supplies, medicine, essential oils, bandages, creams, and other medical related items in this bucket.

GREEN lid– I like to think of green when it comes to storing my NukeBioChem (NBC) items. Put your gas masks and filters in here. Add in decontamination kits, wipes, rad dosage meters, and pandemic supplies. On the flip side, you could use Green to signify your bucket of vegetables or heirloom seeds for gardening.

WHITE lid– you could make this color your beverage bucket. Put hot cocoa, tea bags, coffee, kool aid packs, and other drink mixes in here. You could also make this bucket your hygiene bucket since White signifies cleanliness. Put wipes, toilet paper, soap, sanitizers, toothbrushes, wash clothes, toothpaste, and other hygiene items in this bucket.

YELLOW lid– you could use this color for your grains. Store wheat, oats, rice, and other cereal grains including flour and yeast. You could also use this color as a baby/kids bucket, storing baby supplies, diapers, formula, wipes, clothing, etc that babies and small children need. A third option is to use this color to signify your butters, cheeses, oils, and fats that you need to store for cooking and baking.

ORANGE lid– making this a fruit bucket or fruit & veggie bucket is handy. This could also be a miscellaneous bucket to store personal items, self defense items, or whatever you desire.

BLACK lid– I like to use this color for my meats and proteins, including beans and legumes. I also like to store spices and can openers with this color.

You can organize your food storage in any way that you like; the possibilities are endless. The main point is to make sure you can easily recognize what your stored in each bucket so it is easy to locate and use when the time comes. It also helps your family, especially younger members, find what they need because it is color coded.

Just remember to label and date your buckets and practice rotating your food storage so it does not get wasted through spoilage. And don’t forget the bucket and bung nut wrench opener!

You can find these lids all over the Internet for sale, but I have found that Emergency Essentials has the best prices.

Happy food storage!


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