Why Store Food & Water?




You have:

Car Insurance

Home Owner’s/Renter’s Insurance

Life Insurance

Medical/Dental/Optical Insurance

Flood Insurance

Retirement/Pension Insurance

All “Just In Case” Insurance for the uncertain future-

So why not have FOOD INSURANCE???

Storing your own food and water properly can guard against unemployment, natural disaster, man-made problems, and economic collapse.


We used to be a mostly agrarian (farming) society- everyone had a water well on their property, a fruit orchard and vegetable garden, chickens and a milk cow.  These people were your grandparents and great-grandparents. For some, this was the way your own parents grew up. These people survived the Great Depression of the 1920’s and 1930’s because even if they didn’t have money or a job, they did have a way to keep food on the table. They turned and mended their clothes. They recycled EVERYTHING.  They lived and helped each other within their community and church group.  They may have been poor, wearing rags for clothes and unable to buy new shoes, but they SURVIVED.  They survived by their own means, their own hard work, and with a sense of community.  The folks who lived in the cities during the Great Depression had no jobs, went homeless and hungry because they depended on the Federal Government to hand out Federal aid in the form of loans, bread lines, and shanty town shacks.  City folk in a lot of ways, had it harder than country folk during the Great Depression. Everyone suffered, but some suffered more than others because they weren’t prepared.

This generation went on to fight and win the Second World War and they are known as the “Greatest Generation”, not because they won a global war by means of inventions, workforce and monetary means, but because they had Gumption. They weren’t afraid to work hard to protect their family, their values, morals and beliefs.  They were smart about their money, their situation, and used their Old World know-how to survive.  We have to become like this generation again. We have to find our way and our will to SURVIVE.


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