Infant/Baby Bug Out Bag


We have compiled a list of items that you should make for a Bug Out Bag/Pouch for your Infant/Baby under the age of 2.

You should have enough food, water, clothing, and supplies for at least 72 hours.

(Infant to 2 years of age or until potty-trained)

Remember you are going to have to carry the baby, your own Bug Out Bag, and supplies for your baby, so either make a smaller bag for the baby, or add the baby supplies to a bigger adult Bug Out Bag. It’s kind of like putting together a more thorough diaper bag, but with enough supplies for the baby for at least 72 hours.

-Baby formula either in the small pre-mixed plastic bottles or powdered formula sealed in Mylar bags

-Water packets

-Both disposable diapers and cloth diapers with safety pins in a Ziploc bag to keep them dry

-Baby waterproof diaper covers

-small changing mat (you won’t want to change a diaper on the dirty ground without a changing mat)

-a few changes of clothes, socks, shoes, hat

-blankets & jacket/fleece body suit

-Baby finger food snacks like puffs, cheerios, rice crackers, soft granola bars, etc

-Baby food jars wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent breakage or the sealed Gerber Graduates baby food bowls/trays, baby feeding spoons (if your baby is eating solid foods)

-Bottles, nipples, sippy cup

-Wipes (both wet and dehydrated)

-Sunscreen, bug spray, diaper rash cream, baby powder, baby lotion, baby body wash

-A few age appropriate toys/books/stuffed animals/rattles etc, pacifiers, lovey toy/blanket

-Baby chest rig for carrying baby hands free

-Baby Tylenol, baby ibuprofen, baby orajel, baby gas drops, and any prescription medications

-copy of birth certificate and shot record

-non-iodine water purification tablets (babies can’t have iodine) or some other small water filter device

-baby first aid kit

-baby grooming kit that has nail clippers, hair brush, suction bulb, and thermometer

-Baby liquid vitamins like Poly-VI Sol

-Baby powdered Pedialyte (oral rehydration solution)


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