Adult Bug Out Bag



Here is a good list of items to have in your Adult Bug Out Bag:

ADULT BUG OUT BAGS (Ages 12 and up)

A Disaster Plan
 that includes the location of emergency areas, rallying points, multiple evacuation routes, maps of the area, trail maps, contact numbers, etc (make sure you use a water proof laminate to protect your plans).

First Aid Kit
Possible Kits to look at are as follows:

– All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 170 Items In Plastic Case With Carry
– First Aid Only Outdoor First Aid Kit, Soft Case, 205-Piece Kit
– Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Medic Kit
– Pocket First Aid Guide Book
– Visit the American Red Cross website for more kits that are great!

Professional Survival Book
This should be studied before hand and kept for reference during a disaster. Recommended books are:

– SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any
Climate, on Land or at Sea
– When All Hell Breaks Loose
– US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76
-Pocket Survival Guide Book

Water bottles and metal canteen cup
– Stainless Steel GI Type Canteen Cup Great for Boiling and Sterilizing water and plastic canteen
– Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles
– Sturdy Water Bottles that can be used to boil water
-Water bladder

Sturdy boots, Socks, gloves, rain suit, poncho, jacket, hat, bandannas, and clothing for your environment. Gortex and fleece for cold environments.

A few assorted knives
Recommended Knives:

– The Seal Pup By SOG
– Esse Jungalas machete/large knife
– Pocket Bushman knife
– Camp Axe & Shovel
– SOG Fasthawk
– Gerber 45905 Camp Axe – Sheath – Clam
– Folding Spade NATO Approved Knife from Gerber Knives

– Sturdy Tactical Flashlight (and extra batteries)
– Surefire E2E-HA Executive Elite
– Dynamo/Solar Powered Flashlight

A must to keep up on what is going on.  Preferably a Grundig or Dynamo or solar instead of battery powered.

Fire Starting
Waterproof Matches, a couple Lighters, Tinder and one of the following:

– Military grade Ferro Rod with striker, a Frensal lens
– Magnesium Fire Starter with flint
– Strike Anywhere Matches in a waterproof military match container with flint and signal mirror
– Leatherman Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath
– SOG Multitool

(wide variety of uses, traps, etc….) at least 50-feet of 550 Paracord or at the very least a paracord survival bracelet that has 10 feet of cordage

CASH & Documents
have some extra cash in your bag, as well as a copy of all your important documents (SS Card, I.D., Fishing hunting License, Gun License, insurance policies, mortgage, birth certificates, etc…)

Firearm(s) and ammunition.
-Check your local, state and federal laws before carrying a firearm. Choose something that is reliable and easy to carry (light weight and multi-purpose) that you are familiar using. Cleaning kit for your weapon.

a liter per day per person for drinking (enough to get you by until you find a clean source of water). A gallon a day is better, but difficult to carry. 3 to 4 Mylar Pouches Per Day Per Person at the bare minimum. At least a 72 hour minimum.

Water Purifiers & Filters: (Any one below would be a good choice)

– SteriPEN Adventurer Handheld Water Purifier
– Aquamira Frontier Survival Straw Water Filter
– Aquamira Frontiere Water Bottle Filter
– Soldier’s Water Filter system

Keep your strength and immunity up as your diet changes. One A Day vitamins work well!

Extra Medicine
*If needed because of pre-existing condition, you may not be able to get more in a survival situation so stock up now on generics by keeping them sealed in Food Saver bags or Mylar bags, and in a cool, dry, dark place. Ask your doctor/pharmacist about proper storage and shelf life.

Lenstatic Compass, Maps, GPS, etc….

Portable C.B or Ham Radio, walkie-talkies, Unicom walkie-talkie, Voyager KA500 Radio wit smallband, weather/NOAA, AM/FM that has dynamo/self-charging ability.

Fishing Gear
Military Speedook, Bobbers, Hooks, sinkers, fishing line, small collapsible pole

Emergency Food
– At least a 72 hour minimum
-Stuff that will last and give you the most bang for your buck ( peanut butter, jerky, sardines, granola bars, salt, dried fruit, high-calorie energy bars, etc…) We sell several different types of survival food and supplies on our Freeze Dried Food page.
– SOS Food Ration bars (unaffected by heat or cold)
– MREs (5 to 7 yr shelf life, but affected by heat)

Sleeping bag, tent, tarp, poncho, emergency sleeping bag, etc….

Solar Charger  (optional, can be expensive)
– Brunton Solarport 4.4 Watt Foldable Solar Charger with Battery Charger Great for recharging AA/AAA batteries for electronics
– Brunton 26 Watt Foldable Solar Array Great for powering small electronics

Signal Devices 
Flares, Signaling Mirror, Whistle

Duct tape
Lots of uses- securing gear, shelter making, tool repair, sealant, etc.

Candles, Safety Pins, sewing needles and thread, Playing Cards for entertainment, Wire for snaring. Other comfort items, personal medications/needs, books, etc.  Gas mask or dust mask, sanitary wipes, decontaminate wipes (depending on if you are worried about a Nuke/Bio/Chem scenario).


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